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Blue Color Close to my heart ii

by Shivkumar soni

$900.00 Firewater original PMS abstract oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$325.00 Bazar

by Simaamid Arts

$6,000.00 Rose Boquet

by Multifaceted Art

$110.00 my butterflies iii

by Shivkumar soni

$900.00 A Dreamy Woman

by Wafaa Salameh

$3,000.00 Stone Flowers

by Khrystyna Kozyuk

$1,750.00 Art Quilt-- Yearning

by Doria Designs

$4,000.00 Conception by Preston M. Smith

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$265.00 Close up of released balloons 1

by Katarina Nice

$40.00  Beachin\'

by Art by Ione

$2,500.00 oneview

by nemhja

$450.00 Brick By Brick by Preston M. Smith

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$285.00 Snow Day

by Michelle Kaufman

$4,800.00 Connemara bog

by Made from tubes of passion.

$675.00 The childhood vi

by Shivkumar soni

$1,200.00 Morning Frost in Alberta

by Randy Nyhof Photography

$75.00 Far Scale

by Sophia

$8,750.00 Glass Chandelier, Hanging Garden

by Lindemann Glass

$5,625.00 Wine Bottles

by Susan Kubes Art

$175.00 All that Jazz

by Betty McGeehan

$1,400.00 Red flowers


$1,500.00  blue Kite and birds

by Shivkumar soni

$800.00 Sanctuary IV

by Sharron Parker

$250.00 Egret In Water

by Painting With Paper

$375.00 Southwestern Abstract

by Lindy Wiese

$2,700.00 Trees Through the Light

by Linda Yurgensen

$525.00 Choclate

by Viana

$350.00 Nepoleonic Refugees

by John Trelease

$1,250.00 Crab Chair

by Glenn Madden

$1,200.00 130208 - 1

by Haig Pohan

$15.00 herb jars

by julie jones

$75.00 Indian Story Teller Around the Fire

by Clownbank Studio

$500.00 Garden Gifts - Archival Matted Print Pont Marie Paris

by slobodan paunovic

$1,090.00 Uncut NO47

by Jonathan Levy

$500.00 Escape

by Archangelus

$47,000.00 Rainbow Flower


$1,000.00 One Wave

by Joe Gallant

$750.00 The Nightmare

by rifas

$1,500.00 11 Yellow Troyan Style Plate

by Bulgarian Pottery and Gifts

$50.00 sunflower painting

by Derek McCrea

$14.00 Stars Above 102

by cathy shepherd

$1,700.00 Where The Wild Hearts Roam

by Laurie Search Photography

$38.00 Kazan Cathedral

by Victoria Zhornik

$200.00 Morning on the Marsh

by Alfie Wace

$76.00 Nashville Tennessee painting

by Derek McCrea

$24.00 Blooming Irises

by Stacey Zimmerman


by George Balmus

$1,540.00 What Comes Next???

by Marilyn Korsak Art

$312.50 3 Doors to Liberation

by Judy Hintz Cox

$1,125.00 Pipe

by Sophia

$687.50 Beautiful time

by Gurdish Pannu

$1,377.00 Baltimore Fells Point Marina

by Steve Wilson

$900.00 Shin, 2011

by Henry Betzalel

$8,750.00 Norweigen Tall Ship II

by Richard Nervig

$125.00 Horses in  the wild

by Baskirovs

$300.00 Radha Krishna

by Santosh Dangare

$400.00 Dogwood

by Eye of the Beholder

$25.00 Bar Room Glass with Chair

by Mary Montague Sikes

$150.00 Waves No.3 by Carla Pivonski®

by Carla PivonskiŽ

$190.00 RURAL LIFE

by Ghazi Riman

$300.00 Swan Dust on the Lake

by Casey Wood

$225.00 15.5x7 Glass Sky

by Photos By Emily

$65.00 Dancers

by Avani Patel

$300.00 In Your Dreams by Preston M. Smith

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$265.00 tHE ARTk

by ART of DiNo

$200.00 Snowy Lake Reflections

by Contemporary Watercolors

$325.00 JAGUAR I

by Fabrizio Cruz

$900.00 Handmade Ceramic Planter

by Jan Taylor

$185.00 Sun Blasted

by Ray Burggraf

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