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Green Color Moorish Star, Hand Painted Rug

by Patricia Callicott

$1,225.00 The Jacarandas

by Art by Ione

$1,200.00 The Stone Church

by Rachel Gagne

$28.00 Laugh With the Flowers

by Steph's

$200.00 Sunbather

by Art by Ione

$1,500.00 WARMTH, 70x53cm, autumn waterfall landscape painting Whocome3a

by nemhja

$470.00 Brugge

by Barbara Owens Watercolors

$200.00 Landsact

by nemhja

$620.00 Poppies III

by Jani Freimann Fine Art

$475.00 Meadow

by Fabric8tions

$725.00 Red Coneflowers

by Shirley Rudolf

$450.00 Krazy Kitty Quilt and matching pillow shams

by Cristi McCaffrey-Jackson

$3,000.00 Winter Trees

by Dornberg

$300.00 Flower Necklace

by Jeannie's

$50.00 Bus Stop, Macon Georgia

by Richard Barham

$10,000.00 a shadow (what she wants is)

by Jarrett Burch

$1,200.00 Lebanese House

by Ghazi Riman

$1,000.00 alien floral

by Rich Krause

$195.00 Pistachio Ceramic Doily Wall Vase Caftan II Mini

by Esther Wertheimer

$2,500.00 Home Grown

by RD3 Photography

$50.00 High Desert Odyssey

by Richard Nervig

$400.00 Aqua Mezuzah by Amalia Flaisher

by Sand and Water Creations in Glass

$48.00 Der Lebenszyklus

by Milan Andric

$3,500.00 DEMOLITION

by Maia Oprea

$155.00 Blue night

by gallery M

$3,000.00 Ordinary People Lu

by Sam Kirk

$4,125.00 Opal Wine and Stripes

by Mary Montague Sikes

$150.00 Three Vases

by Patt Dalbey Studio

$400.00 A Glow Of Happiness

by Lee Nixon

$885.00 Majestic

by cathy shepherd

$3,200.00 Mixture Paintings

by Love Art Wonders by God

$50.00 Jodi\'s Banana Tree Grove

by george brinner

$3,200.00 Summer is here

by Aaron Cristofaro

$550.00 Bringing in the Horses

by Richard Nervig

$500.00 Glass sinks and bowls

by Robert Guenther

$1,500.00 Fog

by Martin Ettlinger


by My Island

$67.00 Mind Bending Digital Tunnel

by Pop-Graffiti by Edward-X

$850.00 Piano

by Dornberg

$275.00 And So It Is Reflexion Model

by Pop-Graffiti by Edward-X

$850.00 Original figure oil painting 24/36

by Debi Hijuelos art

$1,000.00 Farmer\'s Market

by Art by Ione

$2,500.00 Seeing Beyond by Gill Bustamante

by Gill Bustamante - Artist

$1,900.00 Here Boy

by Lager Gallery

$125.00 Abstract landscape

by Habib Ayat

$12,250.00 Green Eyes

by Daniela Isache

$550.00 Antoinette\'s Flowers

by Michela Akers

$312.50 Life dream


$1,220.00 Clouds Over Sierra Pond

by Bart Everett

$195.00 Confederate Rose

by Lynette Bagley

$150.00 Daredevils

by Geoff Thornley

$110.00 Photographic print of a photogram

by Glenn Friedel

$1,000.00 Back Swing Thoughts

by Charles Falk Jr

$290.00 Blue Mountain Red Cloud

by Lorna Ritz

$3,200.00 unknown

by Mr Arseno

$150.00 Ocean Breeze Bark Tray by Amalia Flaisher

by Sand and Water Creations in Glass

$59.74 Cigar or Jewelry Box

by LoskWood

$1,200.00 SUN BUBBLE


$2,900.00 Bed of Flowers

by Wanda Hite

$200.00 Boote

by Milan Andric


by Fabrizio Cruz

$900.00 YELLOW MOOD, 33x41cm, original floral painting

by Emilia Milcheva Fine Art

$200.00 Traumvogel

by Hubert Koenig

$4,850.00 Rainy Day Series - White Poppy

by Suzanne Gaff

$50.00 Bubbles And Blue Skiesl by Preston M. Smith

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$280.00 Circles of Green Mosiac Turquoise

by Jazzy Jewelry Jones

$45.00 Ogle Farmstead

by Alfie Wace

$76.00 Pond

by Fabric8tions

$750.00 Infinite Health

by art that supports the healing process

$350.00 Beach Homes

by Dornberg

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