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Green Color

Best Friends

by Pomm's Studio


Harmony original PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)


Pots of Clay

by Sena Wilson


next to the stream

by Rich Krause


New England Covered Bridge

by Richard Nervig


Look (An Original Abstract Still Life)

by Eleanor Gilpatrick


Against The Stream

by TrishBooth



by rifas


Wine Bottle Cheese Tray

by Lila Lindquist


Golden Mound

by allan p friedlander


Le Marais



shrimp boat nautical art print

by Derek McCrea


Reach oil painting by Sally Lancaster

by Sally Lancaster


The Cosmos Made Conscious

by Marilyn Fenn


Antoinette's Flowers

by Michela Akers



by Andrey Noda


Tarot Block

by Gerrie Shapiro


Tourist Season

by Leo McRee Landscapes



by Karen Duckles Art


“Utopia” woven wall art

by Alaart


Fading Passion

by Laurie Search Photography


Long stitch of Catalilies

by Cristi McCaffrey-Jackson


An Early Recording Artist Improvising

by Marilyn Korsak Art






by Efrat Baler


Watch Sun

by Raintree Design Studio


Hand painted Picnic Table

by debbie johnson


Autumn of Our Father's

by Harvey Rogosin


White Butterfly 16 X 20

by Diane Backs-Mancuso


English bulldog puppy bathing

by Rhonda Newman


Blooming Peony

by Kathy Bergeron


Green World

by Tal Goldstein


Tree dragon

by Aaron Cristofaro


hudson street

by Denise Turu



by SSK Art Gallery


Sapphire Lake

by Art by Ione


Bleeding Heart In Your Hand

by Nina Greekinian Arts


"guardian series D" ~ darien

by Lance Carlson



by Joel D'Orazio


Listening, encaustic painting

by Thea Haubrich


Beverly Hills Ref: BH1

by Peter Betts Contours



by Art by Ione


Beautiful rabbit wall hanging

by For His Glory


Fairy Princess - 1

by lightvision


Odalisque with Golden Hookah

by Paul Zepeda


Flora Grande

by Lance Carleton



by Studio KSC


Searching For You original PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)


I am with my LOVE

by Harsh Malik


Soft City: Green Door

by Marilyn Henrion Studio


Sensual Nights

by Mark Moore


Wine with Stripes

by Mary Montague Sikes


' Treasure in Heaven '

by His Design by Pandora


Humming River 9

by Jonathan Levy


Delusional Enhancement

by Brenda Basham Dothage Fine Art


Funky green mask by Lisa Madden

by Let's Get Potted!!


F train

by Denise Turu


Lemon Yellow

by Sara McCleery


Laurelhurst Theater

by Nancy Riedell Fine Arts


Mouths To Feed original PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)



by Roxana Patricia Nita


Nature`s Appliques

by Laura Iosifescu


Shire Horses

by Morgan Fitzsimons B.A.


Mosaic Ornament by Rachel Wilk

by Rachel Wilk


Soft City: Mannequin

by Marilyn Henrion Studio


Choose original oil painting by Preston M. Smith PMS

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)


Shimmering Seas

by Sena Wilson


maschera 1

by Alice Alicja Cieliczka


Original figure oil painting 24/36

by Debi Hijuelos art


sunflower sols

by Lian Zhen