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Orange Color New Day Dawning

by Ginny Blakeslee Breen

$4,600.00 Development of the Sense of Touch

by Daniela Isache

$600.00 Teepees

by Ben De Soto

$425.00 Plague Doctor  (orange)

by Steven Allen

$725.00 Gold Night

by Tal Goldstein

$1,200.00 the game door

by Denise Turu

$900.00 Joyful Soul

by G. Rappaport-W.Fine Arts

$575.00 The Warrior

by Lois Levitan

$475.00 SUMMER MADNESS, 50x50cm, original seascape painting

by Emilia Milcheva Fine Art

$250.00 The sex Pistols

by Ric Nagualero

$1,500.00 Blood explosion


$2,210.00 Fusebox (897)

by Joel D'Orazio

$6,250.00 Loneliness

by Varun Tandon

$125.00 The Color

by Eileen Art



$4,500.00 Yin And Yang original PMS diptych oil paintings on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$2,000.00 Chief Dreamer

by Art by Ione

$1,800.00 Fluorescent Fish And The Orb by Preston M. Smith

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$240.00 Attitude Fins Giglee Print

by Jo Houtz Artist

$35.00 Night Watchman

by Lager Gallery

$125.00 Tiny Flower Ceramic Vase

by Jan Taylor

$135.00 Spirit Path

by Leo McRee Landscapes

$900.00 Make it home

by shalinitandon

$3,650.00 Rain a comin

by Ireland Sculptured with tubes of passion

$760.00 Hand-built Vessel

by Helene Fielder

$265.00 Colorful Cows of Vermont

by Kathy Bergeron

$637.50 Endless Summer

by R C Fulwiler

$35.00 girl with violin

by Shakeh Sarookhanian

$1,000.00 I see 15 by Kathy Morton Stanion EBSQ

by Kathy Morton Stanion

$65.00 Fishing Boats - Menemsha Harbor

by Jack McKenzie

$200.00 Table Lamp- Carnival Design

by Helen Rudy

$1,400.00 Pressed Flower

by Viana

$650.00 A Matter of Opinion

by Patt Dalbey Studio

$250.00 Songs of a Distant Earth

by Clownbank Studio

$4,375.00 Orange Poppies

by Sena Wilson

$250.00 New World Order original PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$1,600.00 Abstract Scene

by Dornberg

$200.00 Old Red Barn Window

by Art Kretzschmar

$29.99 From Texture To Pink

by Sara Billingsley

$2,000.00 Angel painting by Kristina Valic

by Kristina Valic

$24.00 Lyra


$900.00 Water Balloons

by Kenneth Cobb

$180.00 Près du chemin

by pierre paul marchini

$1,300.00 Regatta

by Vyara Tichkova

$400.00 Autumn Flowers

by David Abse

$1,000.00 avanti ...

by Alice Alicja Cieliczka

$700.00 Dissolve With Me original PMS oil painting on reclaimed wood Ogle Farmstead II

by Alfie Wace

$76.00 OMG...

by shalinitandon

$560.00 Santa Fe # 2

by Eileens Images

$90.00 Ocean Treasure

by Caleb Thomas

$445.00 Balletic Goniometer 1

by Jack Sawbridge

$8,500.00 Stroll

by Victoria Zhornik

$800.00 Holiday Tree

by Charles McBride White

$1,300.00 : watercolor

by Debra Fike

$500.00 Natures Splendor. Wall Hanging

by Braid and Stitch

$8,800.00 I Will Do Enough Good

by Jim Dee Art

$750.00 2 Qt. Yellow Troyan Style Pottery

by Bulgarian Pottery and Gifts

$56.25 Galaxy Next- Original Acrylic Painting

by Mrs Neeraj Parswal

$220.00 DJS Pride Kaleidoscope

by Pop-Graffiti by Edward-X

$850.00 The Pixel Variations original PMS triptych oil paintings on wood African

by Biagio Civale

$400.00 Eternal sunrise

by cathy shepherd

$900.00 Straight To Hell original PMS abstract oil painting on canvas Flowers Field

by Andreia Santos

$349.00 our  world  culture (s)

by B a r b a r a Schneider

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