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Orange Color The Face of Vernazza

by Harvey Rogosin

$725.00  Landung

by Milan Andric

$3,000.00 Smoking Fish

by Denise Palmer

$325.00 guardian series D ~ darien

by Lance Carlson

$37.50 donna 2

by Alice Alicja Cieliczka

$400.00 End of October

by Aniko Hencz

$1.00 Gram\'s Needlepoint

by Art by Ione

$1,600.00 Fusion 2

by annettekearney

$430.00 Abstract art

by Lester Ferguson

$150.00 Red Hills

by Gary Coleman

$500.00 Interior 3D picture The Old Prague

by Vladimir Nikiforov

$279.99 Color Canyon original abstract PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$395.00 Thick As Thieves original PMS diptych oil paintings on canvas Sunrise

by William Munro

$400.00 See the Light

by Stephanie Berry Fine Art

$900.00 Fake It Til You Make It original PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$695.00 Roten Blumen

by Milan Andric

$600.00 Sunset at Smithfield Station

by Mark Currier - Fine Art Photographer

$240.00 Tulips in the Night-3

by Cindy Mclean

$800.00 Canyon Shadows

by Terry Lee Designs

$700.00 Art for art

by George Areshidze

$1,250.00 windy day

by Rich Krause

$195.00 A Soulful Journey

by Manjiri Kanvinde

$399.00 Along the Boulevard 1930

by slobodan paunovic

$1,490.00 Dream boat


$7,500.00 Kitchen wall design

by Alena Fletcher

$250.00 Stage to Denver

by Richard Nervig

$800.00 girl with violin

by Shakeh Sarookhanian

$1,000.00 The swinging childhood ii

by Shivkumar soni

$1,500.00 My Life in Landscape

by Lorna Ritz

$4,000.00 Bee on Bird of Paradise 8 X 10

by Diane Backs-Mancuso

$25.00 One With Carnival

by My Works of Art

$175.00 Stroll

by Victoria Zhornik

$800.00 Orange (580)

by Joel D'Orazio

$1,062.50 Sunshine Sunflower

by Tinas Baskets

$2,300.00 The Gap of Dunloe

by Ireland Sculptured with tubes of passion

$575.00 Keep It Together original PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$1,200.00 Der Weise

by Milan Andric

$3,500.00 Starry Starry Night

by Art by Ione

$1,800.00 birds eye view

by elizaveta deviataikina

$1,000.00 Mabry Mill

by Mark Currier - Fine Art Photographer

$240.00 Buddha- The Enlightened One

by Mrs Neeraj Parswal

$670.00 In the sunshine

by Shakeh Sarookhanian

$600.00 String Theorem - a Mobile Sculpture

by Eda Mason Sculptures

$950.00 Hydrangeas and Tangerines

by Spirit River Mary

$375.00 Oil Painting

by Nancy Cicchetti

$3,500.00 Dreams board ship sea portrait woman

by Raquel Sarangello

$600.00 art abstract painting

by Iliya Pondev

$1.00 Brecks Mill I Large

by Michael Melloy

$145.00 Off Shore

by Robin Mead

$25.00 Urban Refractions

by skafte design

$910.00 Time-Door


$550.00 Santa Fe # 3

by Eileens Images

$90.00 Cattleguard At Ghost Ranch

by Susan Strickland

$2,150.00 Obumbrata

by eschas van den bogerd

$1,800.00 Spirit Mountains

by Dennis Kish

$100.00 Rose

by Richard Holland

$156.25 Lilies 3

by Chris Quinlan

$350.00 surreal censored nude female

by Ria Hills

$325.00 small insect

by Victoria Zhornik

$200.00 Beach Dweller

by Claudette McDermott

$812.50 Parasol

by Art by Ione

$1,200.00 Peacock Beads Work Painting by hakeemkale


$2,500.00 Saint Elmo, Mining town

by Richard Nervig

$700.00 Kampf des Lebens

by Milan Andric

$3,500.00 Portrait of Mother and Daughter

by Marta Paula Soltysiak

$200.00 Big Cat: San Francisco

by Sternau

$135.00 A New Slant on life -- Birds on a Limb

by Contemporary Watercolors

$125.00 Runamuk

by Yamabushi

$150.00 Heart of Stone

by Victoria Zhornik

$700.00 Severn River Midland

by Fine art Irina

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