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Orange Color Indian Rust

by Robert Erod

$624.00 Chanukah Dreidel

by Gerrie Shapiro

$360.00 Painted Hills at Twilight

by TrishBooth

$1,500.00 Color Field

by Daniel James Ross

$200.00 TULIPS

by Ghazi Riman

$300.00 Big Butt, Aztec Woman Painting

by Dineen Roeller

$250.00 beach at night

by Derek McCrea

$24.00 Sunrise on Lake Lugano

by H. Lloyd Weston

$12,500.00 Bonsai-sunrise

by elizabeth zaikowski

$200.00 windy day

by Rich Krause

$195.00 Passion of the childhood xvi

by Shivkumar soni

$1,500.00 Glückliche Raise

by Milan Andric

$250.00 Silhouette Couple sitting on a bench The old Barn

by Ghazi Riman

$400.00 I Dream In Color Mixed Media Painting

by cinnamon porpoise

$995.00 Lahaina Coast

by Bart Everett

$90.00 The Window

by Art by Ione

$2,500.00 Alley

by Dornberg

$275.00 Dazzling View From The Rapidan  Makondi Man

by Art by Ione

$900.00 Young Girl

by jeffcrabillart

$855.00 I see 6 by Kathy Morton Stanion EBSQ

by Kathy Morton Stanion

$65.00 Sunset

by Killer Kanvas

$225.00 Primal

by Michela Akers

$1,500.00 harmony abstarct original painting

by Sanjay Gopinath punekar

$1,000.00 The Letter Bee Principle

by Pavelle Fine Art Prints

$0.00 Orange, Cream, and Black

by Kristin Gaudio Endsley

$300.00 Rendezvous

by Andrea Goldsmith

$1,375.00 Spirit Path

by Leo McRee Landscapes

$900.00 parrot oil painting

by Derek McCrea

$24.00 hand-painted egret

by Donna Nicosia

$85.00 Table #11

by Charles Adams Art Furniture

$800.00 The Library

by Art by Ione

$2,200.00 David Lynch Transcendental Man by Preston M. Smith

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$1,400.00 Shining With Love

by Laurie Search Photography

$38.00 Desert Sunset

by Art by Ione

$2,500.00 The Fall of my Dreams

by Mad-City Fine Arts

$65.00 Java Jive

by Hal Mayforth

$175.00 Geburt

by Milan Andric

$7,000.00 Black white and red Suzani square pouf

by Patricia Callicott

$350.00 Behind the lorry station

by Ricson Agyare

$2,500.00 wire drawing, wall art, deer trophy

by Joel Armstrong

$1,450.00 Sheltering Arms 25x50 gallery-wrap canvas

by Ron Mellott Photography

$750.00 Starburst Pendant

by glassdesign

$62.00 painting 109

by Laura Joy Lustig

$3,375.00 bestboy22

by Stephen Neil Gill

$250.00 Assembling Horse painting by Gill Bustamante

by Gill Bustamante - Artist

$2,100.00 Ocean Preeze in croitia

by Ghazi Riman

$300.00 Enchanted Dream Scape 10

by Wolfgang Gersch

$2,000.00 Goodbye David...

by Kateryna Bortsova

$199.00 Abstract Music 3

by laurence sisk

$600.00 Tropical Life 3 Feel\'n Feisty

by Stephen C Warren

$475.00 SW Colorfield (285)

by Joel D'Orazio

$3,750.00 My Sweet Orange

by Isaac Art Works Gallery

$2,210.00 Glass sinks and bowls

by Robert Guenther

$1,500.00 Water / Acqua

by Alessandra Pagliuca

$720.00 Gotham

by Susan Kaprov

$550.00 Flowers bouquet

by Ghita Florinela

$200.00 Modern Contemporary Art - Small Ville

by Dr. Roy Schneemann

$562.50 Central Park West

by Denise Turu

$1,000.00 Plein Air Crushed

by Art by Ione

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