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Yellow Color

Morning light

by Julia Lesnichy



by Maia Oprea


Blue Swirl

by Julie Brandon


"Morning Reflection", 20x40 Gallery Wrap Canvas

by Edward Mendes Photography


Easy Time

by Michelle Kaufman



by Harsh Malik



by Milan Andric


David confronting Goliat

by Ghenadie Sontu


dogwood tree flower art print

by Derek McCrea


Go With The Flow

by Robin Evans


Blue fantasy flowers



Wild Horses Utah

by Kim Cook Photography


First stab of love

by Ghazi Riman



by Harsh Malik


Pinto Pony

by Art by Ione


Brave New World original PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)


Autumn Flowers

by David Abse


Lebanese House

by Ghazi Riman


Cifroorfic 3

by rifas


"Canyon Shadows"

by Terry Lee Designs


Plymouth Rooster

by Barbara Owens Watercolors


Blooming Peony

by Kathy Bergeron



by Art by Ione


Fire and Ice

by Stephanie L Marcus


Autumn Splendor

by Hargrove


Electrical Storm by Preston M. Smith

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)


“snakeskin” ceiling lamp

by Agarta-ceramics


Tsunami 1

by Tanto Sutianto


Convergence - Divergence - 30" x 40"

by Sassoon Kosian


Pink Flower in Red Vase

by Patt Dalbey Studio


"I see 13" by Kathy Morton Stanion EBSQ

by Kathy Morton Stanion


Seek Out Light 3

by Eileen Fong


Fiber decorative



Shoemaker Lane #1 Print

by Terri Jackson Studio



by jose mª palacin calvo



by Azaria


"Calla Lily", 15x30 Gallery Wrap Canvas

by Edward Mendes Photography


Body language: Lips and Eyes

by Roxana Patricia Nita


Handwoven-tapestry - Soul Mates

by Contemporary Tapestry Weaving



by Ronya Shvachka



by Milan Andric


Nashville Tennessee painting

by Derek McCrea


Orange Flowers by Teri Levine

by Teri Levine


Maple decorative form

by Dale Gillaspy


The Porch at Sinclair Towers

by Kathy Bergeron



by Dornberg


Summer Fruit Sampling

by Sena Wilson


Time Travel original framed PMS micro painting

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)



by TrishBooth


Black Tie Affair

by Art by Ione


Color Bottles

by Ata Alishahi



by supreet kaur gujral



by David Davies Art


Berry plant

by Aaron Cristofaro


Natures Splendor. Wall Hanging

by Braid and Stitch


Making Contact original PMS oil painting on canvas

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)


Rose 8

by Ghazi Riman


Tiger's Defiance

by Multifaceted Art


Cross-stitched Wine Grapes

by Cristi McCaffrey-Jackson


Twenty little Mexicans

by Biagio Civale


Star Pendant

by glassdesign



by Grzegorz Czarnecki


Tropical Escape Silk Scarf Hand Painted

by Irina Dorofeeva


Tagging Along oil painting by Marina Petro

by Marina Petro Fine Art


between earth and sky

by artlover


Fallen Hero

by Kerry O Furlani



by Milan Andric


Orchestra Series - Timpani

by Linda Jacobs


Autumn Doe

by Simaamid Arts


Eye of Horus

by Doria Designs


Universe Untold

by M. Glen Kertz


Bronze leaves dripping with gold...

by OreAlive Metalwork and Sculptural Installations


Hiwassee Union Church

by Mark Rego


Landscape with a window

by Ernest Porcelli Art