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Meet Our Featured Artists.

Each month we feature three of our talented artists. Their artwoks range from paintings, sculptures,
furniture and metal workings, to photography, pottery, glass, woodworking and jewelry

Started painting incredibly experimental in 2013. 2015 was when I decided Canvas Art was my shift, and in 2019 was when I established Nico's Art Corner as a way to provide my creations with the world. All pieces have a painted on frame that has been inspired by the piece itself, and custom orders are provided a musical playlist to go along with your piece. Please enjoy! read more
Glimpse through my canvas I let my brushes speak louder than my words.I let my imagination flow through paints and , i look upon society through my canvas. It has been a tale passing from generations, borrowed from past to shape the future, a glimpse of evolution. Nature has been very fascinating to me. I look upon a rose budding from a concrete wall and the wildness of flowing water through the valleys with vividness to cherish my imagination. Every day my emotions play on my canvass. So here is a glimpse.... Of what more