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Browse Our Necklaces Jewelry Silver and Brass pendant

Silver and Brass pendant

by Mats Eriksson

$230.00 Jewellery


by Lucky Star

$149.94 Sodalite 3 Stone Necklace

Sodalite 3 Stone Necklace

by Vida Artista Design: Work by Samantha Hayslip

$39.50 Love birds medallion

Love birds medallion

by so by os

$122.00  Love Birds Necklace

Love Birds Necklace

by so by os

$106.00 antique silver jadau jewellery

antique silver jadau jewellery

by umesh soni

$350.00 jasmin antique nacklace

jasmin antique nacklace

by umesh soni

$470.00 coller antique jewellery

coller antique jewellery

by umesh soni

$250.00 nacklace princess antique -sgc

nacklace princess antique -sgc

by umesh soni