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Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create large-scale or small-scale structures, furniture, wall art, lighting fixtures, clocks, mixed media and delicate jewelry. River of No Return

River of No Return

by Art by Ione

$1,500.00 mosaic ice cream table

mosaic ice cream table

by Marguerite

$500.00 Bike Ride to Paris

Bike Ride to Paris

by Tom Holmes

$4,000.00 Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools

by Tom Holmes

$3,000.00 Trapped in Opposition

Trapped in Opposition

by Tom Holmes

$1,200.00 Mongol


by Tom Holmes

$1,400.00 Chthonic Valence

Chthonic Valence

by Tom Holmes

$300.00 Repetition of Influence

Repetition of Influence

by Tom Holmes

$2,000.00 Goddess


by Tom Holmes

$2,200.00 Stunning Multi Strand Necklace

Stunning Multi Strand Necklace

by Wrege Designs

$250.00 Underwater New Lives Table

Underwater New Lives Table

by Zhen Wu Sculpture

$8,000.00 gracilius lounge

gracilius lounge

by Cosmo Barbaro Furniture

$10,500.00 Coffee Break

Coffee Break

by Julie Easton

$4,200.00 Disc Charm Ring

Disc Charm Ring

by Steve Riley Designs

$125.00 Disc Ring

Disc Ring

by Steve Riley Designs

$80.00 Tree Ring

Tree Ring

by Steve Riley Designs

$180.00 Porthole


by Kevin Robb Studios

$15,000.00 Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star

by Kevin Robb Studios

$5,625.00 Star Light

Star Light

by Kevin Robb Studios

$5,625.00 Sancho Panza 's Horse

Sancho Panza 's Horse

by Annalisa Ramondino

$2,000.00 Hamlet house No.3

Hamlet house No.3

by Annalisa Ramondino

$3,500.00 Sculpture


by Fleres Studio

$1,250.00 Rise and Fall

Rise and Fall

by Martha Walker

$8,000.00 Epiphany


by Martha Walker

$1,500.00 Hourglass


by Martha Walker

$18,000.00 Reign of Tears

Reign of Tears

by Martha Walker

$8,000.00 Pearl


by Martha Walker

$8,250.00 Aurora


by Martha Walker

$2,000.00 Nymph


by Martha Walker

$4,000.00 Black Rainbow Chain & Bead set

Black Rainbow Chain & Bead set

by Joyous Jewelry

$37.50 Genetics in Turmoil

Genetics in Turmoil

by Lance Carleton

$4,218.75 Turbulence


by Velvet Hammer

$875.00 Enameled disc earrings

Enameled disc earrings

by Cheekybird Jewelry

$50.00 Cat scratch sterling silver ring

Cat scratch sterling silver ring

by Cheekybird Jewelry

$75.00 Organic Sterling Silver Ring

Organic Sterling Silver Ring

by Cheekybird Jewelry

$75.00 Heart on the Mend pendant necklace

Heart on the Mend pendant necklace

by Cheekybird Jewelry

$100.00 Cascading pendant necklace

Cascading pendant necklace

by Cheekybird Jewelry

$93.75 Hand Hammered Copper Bowl

Hand Hammered Copper Bowl

by Copper Sunsets

$187.50 A Jump Too Far

A Jump Too Far

by Hugh Gibbons