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Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create large-scale or small-scale structures, furniture, wall art, lighting fixtures, clocks, mixed media and delicate jewelry.

The Spaces in Between

by The Spaces in Between



by Birdland Gardens


Wave Cuff Bracelet

by Steve Riley Designs


Metal sculpture: Stacked squares

by Scott Trent


Crack of Dawn

by Derek Mathias


Hand made mosaic table

by Aliona Chistol


The thinker

by Felix Velez


Broken Promises

by Felix Velez


Amelia Earhart

by Felix Velez


Vintage Bird

by Felix Velez


Morning Breeze

by Felix Velez


'Pilgrim of Peace''

by Felix Velez


'Vintage Bird' *Especial Price*

by Felix Velez


''Reaching High''

by Felix Velez