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Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create large-scale or small-scale structures, furniture, wall art, lighting fixtures, clocks, mixed media and delicate jewelry.

Contemporary Metal Wall Clock

by Modern Crowd


Love Birds Necklace

by so by os


Love birds medallion

by so by os


Love Birds Earrings

by so by os



by jeffrey gill


In waiting

by Dawn Raines


Left to be

by Dawn Raines


Custom fire place sets

by Dawn Raines


Custom tooling

by Dawn Raines


Una Luz de Noche Pesada

by Dawn Raines


Figural Arrangement

by Matthew Hall


Holiday Tree

by Charles McBride White


Wire Cat

by SkylynArt


Metal art Mountain Pine Forest

by Cristi McCaffrey-Jackson


Branch Ring

by so by os



by Valtis Barkans


copper Wine Rack

by Nickolas Kowal


Copper Water Feature

by Nickolas Kowal


Copper Wine Rack

by Nickolas Kowal