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Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create large-scale or small-scale structures, furniture, wall art, lighting fixtures, clocks, mixed media and delicate jewelry. Twisted Dreams

by Metal Elementz

$350.00 Architectural Star Sculpture

by Metal Elementz

$200.00 Friendly Bird Garden Stakes

by Metal Elementz

$30.00 Whimsical Bird Garden Stakes

by Metal Elementz

$30.00 Beyond the Surface 2

by Metal Elementz

$8,500.00 Crazy Horse Sculpture

by Metal Elementz

$950.00 The Game

by ExoticArtDecor

$1,300.00 Contemporary Metal Wall Clock

by Modern Crowd

$149.00 Love Birds Earrings

by so by os

$79.00 Love birds medallion

by so by os

$122.00  Love Birds Necklace

by so by os

$106.00 Figural Arrangement

by Matthew Hall

$400.00 Holiday Tree

by Charles McBride White

$1,300.00 Wire Cat

by SkylynArt

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