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Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create large-scale or small-scale structures, furniture, wall art, lighting fixtures, clocks, mixed media and delicate jewelry. Metal art Mountain Pine Forest

by Cristi McCaffrey-Jackson

$50.00 Branch Ring

by so by os

$90.00 Crocodile

by Valtis Barkans

$5,000.00 Copper Wine Rack

by Nickolas Kowal

$525.00 Copper Water Feature

by Nickolas Kowal

$2,800.00 copper Wine Rack

by Nickolas Kowal

$350.00 Wire Motorcycle

by SkylynArt

$350.00 Iron Pot rack

by Jacobson Sculpture

$275.00 Aeolus 2

by Pamela McNamara

$55.00 Abstract Landscape Painting

by Modern Crowd

$199.00 Abstract Blue Painting

by Modern Crowd

$199.00 Black and White Artwork

by Modern Crowd

$200.00 Twin Stars Stainless Steel Sculpture

by Kevin Robb Studios

$18,000.00 20x10 Metal Transformation

by Photos By Emily

$70.00 20x13 Metal Transformation 2

by Photos By Emily

$75.00 Long Horn

by david mayne

$8,232.00 Apache Crown Dancer by John Gutierrez

by Gutierrez Art

$1,550.00 gold-leaf mixed media painting

by Michael O'Briant

$3,200.00 Antique Sengese (Throwing Knife)

by Eddie Osborne

$300.00 Candle Holder-Horse

by Handcraftsy

$98.00 Rudra

by Handcraftsy

$575.00 Lady with child

by Handcraftsy

$139.00 Decorative Jug

by Handcraftsy

$245.00 Elephant with three trunks

by Handcraftsy

$590.00 Times Past: Purple Sky

by Carol Watkins

$850.00 The Spruce Goose ll

by Czappas Studio

$10,000.00 THE ROSE

by Bowshers Ironworks

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