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Known to be the wall art of choice, paintings offer a way to express your creative side in your home or office. Browse our collections of original paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, abstract, modern, contemporary, landscape, floral, animal and travel created by artisans from all over the world and find your personal style. Fine Art Painting

Fine Art Painting

by Ted Asnis

$4,125.00 elim


by Poul Costinsky

$2,625.00 Original oil painting

Original oil painting

by Dori Spector

$2,250.00 Original etching

Original etching

by Dori Spector

$312.50 original etching

original etching

by Dori Spector

$312.50 Limited edition giclee print

Limited edition giclee print

by Dori Spector

$250.00 An original oil painting

An original oil painting

by Dori Spector

$2,375.00 Haiti 2010

Haiti 2010

by Joshua Bloch

$1,125.00 Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

by Birdland Gardens

$4,750.00 Heliconia


by Birdland Gardens

$5,500.00 Abandoned Garden

Abandoned Garden

by Studio Ilana

$450.00 Classic Ford Hood Ornament

Classic Ford Hood Ornament

by Melodie Douglas

$1,000.00 Blossom


by Tanya Bancroft