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A 3 dimensional work of art crafted for indoor and outdoor display, sculptures are a focal point in every space. Metal, wood and stone are a few of the materials used to create these sometimes massive structures. Artists can design their sculptures to be whimsical, statuesque, abstract, expressionistic or even delicate. Browse our collection of sculptures and find an artist with a style you desire and perhaps commission one of their works for your home, community or business. Long Horn

Long Horn

by david mayne

$8,232.00 Winged Victory Female Torsos

Winged Victory Female Torsos


$4,800.00 Apache Crown Dancer by John Gutierrez

Apache Crown Dancer by John Gutierrez

by Gutierrez Art

$1,450.00 St. George

St. George

by Paul Orzech

$3,400.00 While I was  Dreaming

While I was Dreaming

by Steven Allen

$1,100.00 Master Mind

Master Mind

by Steven Allen

$950.00 Plague Doctor  (orange)

Plague Doctor (orange)

by Steven Allen

$725.00 Convergence


by Paul Orzech

$1,650.00 Soorya


by John Devaraj

$15,000.00 Breast is Best

Breast is Best

by John Devaraj

$5,000.00 Embrace


by Paul Orzech

$600.00 Western Saddle

Western Saddle

by Paul Orzech

$1,250.00 Snail-Man


by Paul Orzech

$220.00 Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

by Paul Orzech

$450.00 Aero Bunny - Patina Colors

Aero Bunny - Patina Colors

by Paul Orzech

$220.00 Aero Bunny - Powder Coat

Aero Bunny - Powder Coat

by Paul Orzech

$300.00 Rooster


by Paul Orzech

$150.00 Feline #2

Feline #2

by Paul Orzech

$170.00 Dog


by Paul Orzech

$150.00 Owl on Post

Owl on Post

by Paul Orzech

$150.00 Native head

Native head

by Backwoodsman

$1,200.00 Randomness of Time

Randomness of Time

by kathy deRosas

$350.00 Spirit of 67

Spirit of 67

by Jason Nelson

$1,275.00 Infinitely Golden

Infinitely Golden

by Jason Nelson

$2,400.00 The Dark Knight's Tear

The Dark Knight's Tear

by Jason Nelson

$1,500.00 Brucite Bowl Number Two

Brucite Bowl Number Two

by Jason Nelson

$275.00 Eye of the  Storm Bowl

Eye of the Storm Bowl

by Jason Nelson

$375.00 Orange Bowl

Orange Bowl

by Jason Nelson

$400.00 Shard Flat Vessel

Shard Flat Vessel

by Randi Solin

$2,750.00 Table Lamp-Glace Design

Table Lamp-Glace Design

by Helen Rudy

$1,400.00 Table Lamp- Carnival Design

Table Lamp- Carnival Design

by Helen Rudy

$1,400.00 Wave Panel

Wave Panel

by Helen Rudy

$950.00 Sentinel Panel- Transparent

Sentinel Panel- Transparent

by Helen Rudy

$400.00 Sentinel Panel- Opaque

Sentinel Panel- Opaque

by Helen Rudy

$400.00 Shades of Blue Iris

Shades of Blue Iris

by J.E.Fine Art Studio

$875.00 Magnolia Path

Magnolia Path

by J.E.Fine Art Studio

$850.00 our  world  culture (s)

our world culture (s)

by B a r b a r a Schneider

$2,840.00 Tranquilidad (Tranquility)

Tranquilidad (Tranquility)

by Rolando Diaz Artist

$50.00 Candle Holder-Horse

Candle Holder-Horse

by Handcraftsy

$98.00 Rudra


by Handcraftsy

$575.00 Lady with child

Lady with child

by Handcraftsy

$139.00 Decorative Jug

Decorative Jug

by Handcraftsy

$245.00 Elephant with three trunks

Elephant with three trunks

by Handcraftsy

$590.00 Game On the NY Giants at the Superbowl

"Game On" the NY Giants at the Superbowl

by Thomas Whistance

$1,700.00 US Flag

US Flag

by Rolando Diaz Artist

$35.00 Cross


by Rolando Diaz Artist