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A 3 dimensional work of art crafted for indoor and outdoor display, sculptures are a focal point in every space. Metal, wood and stone are a few of the materials used to create these sometimes massive structures. Artists can design their sculptures to be whimsical, statuesque, abstract, expressionistic or even delicate. Browse our collection of sculptures and find an artist with a style you desire and perhaps commission one of their works for your home, community or business. : Burocracy infection

Burocracy infection

by Alexander Seliverstov

$1,750.00 : Appendix of raw materials

Appendix of raw materials

by Alexander Seliverstov

$1,750.00 Yesterday


by Henry Betzalel

$8,750.00 Fisheye Birdhouse

Fisheye Birdhouse

by Birdland Gardens

$350.00 Zinnia


by Birdland Gardens

$11,000.00 St George and The Dragon

St George and The Dragon

by Glenn Madden

$1,875.00 Lava Bowl

Lava Bowl

by Jason Nelson

$450.00 Weathered


by Gary Zeff

$900.00 Robin's Delight

Robin's Delight

by Gary Zeff