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A 3 dimensional work of art crafted for indoor and outdoor display, sculptures are a focal point in every space. Metal, wood and stone are a few of the materials used to create these sometimes massive structures. Artists can design their sculptures to be whimsical, statuesque, abstract, expressionistic or even delicate. Browse our collection of sculptures and find an artist with a style you desire and perhaps commission one of their works for your home, community or business. Dawn of Spring's Bouquet

Dawn of Spring's Bouquet

by Paul Sable-Snibbe

$30,000.00 Rapid Descent

Rapid Descent

by Joe Rohrman

$562.50 The Survivors

The Survivors

by Martha Walker

$17,812.50 Pot Rack

Pot Rack

by Jacobson Sculpture

$375.00 Seahorse half-round Console

Seahorse half-round Console

by Zhen Wu Sculpture

$8,750.00 Little Miss Highbrow  2011

"Little Miss Highbrow" 2011

by Tim Englert

$700.00 Dropping In

Dropping In

by Joe Rohrman

$562.50 Box-swing From Heaven

Box-swing From Heaven

by Anyta Thomas

$750.00 Seahorse Single Leg Console

Seahorse Single Leg Console

by Zhen Wu Sculpture

$5,625.00 Spectral Arc

"Spectral Arc"

by Paul Sable-Snibbe

$10,000.00 Chip


by Wynne Noble

$0.00 Stan the Man 2011

"Stan the Man" 2011

by Tim Englert

$700.00 Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain

by John Boak

$1,350.00 Butterfly Table

Butterfly Table

by Kerry O Furlani

$4,062.50 See You and Raise You 2011

"See You and Raise You" 2011

by Tim Englert

$750.00 The Quiet Answer

The Quiet Answer

by Jim Dee Art

$1,400.00 Lighten Up original PMS assemblage sculptural painting on wood

Lighten Up original PMS assemblage sculptural painting on wood

by Preston M. Smith (PMS Artwork)

$2,400.00 Guilin


by Wynne Noble

$0.00 Brass Mobile I

Brass Mobile I

by Jacobson Sculpture

$500.00 MAZE NO.II


by Alex Kveton

$6,000.00 Vase in Big Leaf Maple Burl (29-130)

Vase in Big Leaf Maple Burl (29-130)

by Overtrim Woodworks

$375.00 What's Up?

What's Up?

by Joe Rohrman

$500.00 Secret Ways of Nature - Hall Table

Secret Ways of Nature - Hall Table

by Kerry O Furlani

$5,250.00 Music Knows No Boundaries

Music Knows No Boundaries

by Jeff Easley

$2,400.00 Green Relic  2011

"Green Relic" 2011

by Tim Englert

$700.00 bass jumping- intarsia,

bass jumping- intarsia,

by mstimps

$195.00 Brass Mobile II

Brass Mobile II

by Jacobson Sculpture

$800.00 Shell End Table

Shell End Table

by Kerry O Furlani

$4,062.50 Cedar Song

Cedar Song

by Air Bear

$350.00 Running Wall

Running Wall

by Wynne Noble

$0.00 Bronzed Shard

Bronzed Shard

by Wynne Noble

$0.00 Plain Candelabrum

Plain Candelabrum

by Velvet Hammer

$100.00 Under The Influence

Under The Influence

by B.F.D. Firehouse Studios

$343.75 Curly Maple Hall Table with Walnut accent

Curly Maple Hall Table with Walnut accent

by Overtrim Woodworks

$1,250.00 Weight of the World

Weight of the World

by Tom Holmes

$280.00 New Spring Styles  2011

"New Spring Styles" 2011

by Tim Englert

$700.00 Wrap Candelabrum

Wrap Candelabrum

by Velvet Hammer

$125.00 Available Space

Available Space

by Jeff Easley

$2,400.00 Mars


by Yuriy Tryapitsyn

$7,000.00 Unconscious


by Yuriy Tryapitsyn



by Darin Bozhkov

$3,500.00 Twister Carved Sculpture

Twister Carved Sculpture

by Shangrila Woodworks

$15,000.00 Open Form 2

Open Form 2

by Wynne Noble

$0.00 The Muse

The Muse

by Velvet Hammer

$500.00 The Ninth Dimension

The Ninth Dimension

by Jeff Easley

$2,400.00 Ballerina


by Marcus Czarne

$7,000.00 Mini Entangled

Mini Entangled

by Shangrila Woodworks

$1,200.00 Fantasy Flight

Fantasy Flight

by Shangrila Woodworks

$4,200.00 New Beginnings

New Beginnings

by Shangrila Woodworks

$4,200.00 Contemplation


by Kirsten Sherick

$120.00 Vegetation


by Wynne Noble

$0.00 F train car

F train car

by Denise Turu

$300.00 pursed


by Linda Ekstrom

$2,500.00 eternal return

eternal return

by Linda Ekstrom

$1,500.00 dragon flyy

dragon flyy

by Denise Turu

$300.00 Little Daisy

Little Daisy

by Sara McCleery

$15.00 Frog


by Paul Orzech

$150.00 Summer


by Lisa A Lincoln

$437.50 NYC taxi

NYC taxi

by Denise Turu

$1,800.00 Carro No.08

Carro No.08

by Annalisa Ramondino

$1,500.00 That One 2009

That One 2009

by Ney Santos

$162.50 Between Things

Between Things

by Ney Santos

$275.00 Luce


by Linda Ekstrom

$2,500.00 Angel Can  number 65

Angel Can number 65

by schroeder cherry

$80.00 Carro No.02

Carro No.02

by Annalisa Ramondino

$1,500.00 open secrets

open secrets

by Linda Ekstrom

$1,000.00 Corallite


by Remco Kingmans

$158.00 Prana 51 Art Glass Floor Lamp

Prana 51" Art Glass Floor Lamp

by Szal Design

$4,875.00 Single Arm Calla Sconce

Single Arm Calla Sconce

by Velvet Hammer

$175.00 Wood carving (Rhododendron)

Wood carving (Rhododendron)

by Mark Richmond Woodcraft

$750.00 Citiscape Seaborne (616)

Citiscape Seaborne (616)

by Joel D'Orazio

$5,625.00 Spirit fragment

Spirit fragment

by Jeff Hall Studio