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A 3 dimensional work of art crafted for indoor and outdoor display, sculptures are a focal point in every space. Metal, wood and stone are a few of the materials used to create these sometimes massive structures. Artists can design their sculptures to be whimsical, statuesque, abstract, expressionistic or even delicate. Browse our collection of sculptures and find an artist with a style you desire and perhaps commission one of their works for your home, community or business. Under water

Under water

by Olesya Novik

$3,750.00 Red poison

Red poison

by Olesya Novik

$4,000.00 Gypsy horse

Gypsy horse

by Olesya Novik

$2,590.00 Green apples, red dress

Green apples, red dress

by Olesya Novik

$1,340.00 American Piper # 6

American Piper # 6

by Dugaleye

$195.00 Green Organs

Green Organs

by Shimon Drory

$3,800.00 Amnon and Tamar

Amnon and Tamar

by Shimon Drory

$5,500.00 Marids Gras

Marids Gras

by cathy shepherd

$1,100.00 Kitchen wall design

Kitchen wall design

by Alena Fletcher

$250.00 Medusa


by Denis Lampron

$11,500.00 Maco shark and Fish

Maco shark and Fish

by Denis Lampron

$25,000.00 Attitude


by Denis Lampron

$65,000.00 Ocean Flowers

Ocean Flowers

by Denis Lampron

$6,500.00 Dragon fly flowers water

Dragon fly flowers water

by Denis Lampron

$6,750.00 Angel fish

Angel fish

by Denis Lampron

$7,500.00 plane eagle WW2

plane eagle WW2

by Denis Lampron

$13,500.00 Sea horses

Sea horses

by Denis Lampron

$2,950.00 Cosmic Connection

Cosmic Connection

by cathy shepherd

$2,800.00 Belize


by cathy shepherd

$1,100.00 Northern Cattails

Northern Cattails

by Linda Steel & Glass Creations

$500.00 Pileated Wood Pecker

Pileated Wood Pecker

by Linda Steel & Glass Creations

$1,300.00 Free Standing Metal Sculpture

Free Standing Metal Sculpture

by Rodman /White

$4,800.00 free standing abstract metal sculpture Sundance


by Air Bear

$300.00 Reaching


by Air Bear

$100.00 Old Soul

Old Soul

by Air Bear

$550.00 Attune


by Air Bear

$250.00 Cherry Cove

Cherry Cove

by Air Bear

$300.00 Twin Spirit

Twin Spirit

by Air Bear

$500.00 Harmony


by Air Bear

$300.00 Whispering Winds

Whispering Winds

by cathy shepherd

$850.00 Deep Sea Mystery

Deep Sea Mystery

by cathy shepherd

$2,200.00 Above the Aspens

Above the Aspens

by cathy shepherd

$2,400.00 Stars Above 102

Stars Above 102

by cathy shepherd

$1,700.00 Salsa Sunset

Salsa Sunset

by cathy shepherd

$750.00 King of the Sea

King of the Sea

by cathy shepherd

$1,200.00 Eternal sunrise

Eternal sunrise

by cathy shepherd

$900.00 classical figure lady

classical figure lady

by Ana Gandhi

$799.00 Lady nude figure

Lady nude figure

by Ana Gandhi

$599.00 Painted Metal Sculpture Kokopelli musicians

Painted Metal Sculpture Kokopelli musicians

by Cristi McCaffrey-Jackson

$49.90 Texas State Flower Swag with Barbed Wire

Texas State Flower Swag with Barbed Wire

by Cristi McCaffrey-Jackson

$60.00 Boy flying

Boy flying

by Bart Soutendijk

$1,000.00 Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

by Lois Levitan

$285.00 Paper Sculpture Original Artwork

Paper Sculpture Original Artwork

by Dave Wood Calligraphy

$3,500.00 The Warrior

The Warrior

by Lois Levitan

$475.00 Variation on The Theme

Variation on "The Theme"

by Lois Levitan

$1,200.00 Wine Bottle Walls

Wine Bottle Walls

by Lee Kerger

$130.00 Magnet Climber

Magnet Climber

by Sean Brady

$30.00 wood carved fish

wood carved fish

by Paul Hughes

$1,400.00 wood carved mermaid

wood carved mermaid

by Paul Hughes

$1,600.00 Florida Art Palm Frond

Florida Art Palm Frond

by janet craig

$180.00 Cherry Log Labyrinth

Cherry Log Labyrinth

by GDL Creative

$1,000.00 Circles in Reclaimed Pine

Circles in Reclaimed Pine

by GDL Creative

$300.00 Delicate


by Remco Kingmans

$140.00 The Mack's Mack

The Mack's Mack

by Yamabushi

$150.00 Runamuk


by Yamabushi

$150.00 Illuminati Advance

Illuminati Advance

by Yamabushi

$150.00 Abstract Triptych 48

Abstract Triptych 48

by Atlanta Copperworks Studio

$425.00 mind's eye

mind's eye

by Shade Tree Studio

$2,500.00 Whimsical Owl

Whimsical Owl

by Metal Elementz

$20.00 Bronze Torso

Bronze Torso

by Peter Labelle

$900.00 Bronze Female Torso front

Bronze Female Torso front

by Peter Labelle