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476_ 9" Wide Wood Bowl. Jacaranda Series #10
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Measuring 2 & 7/8" in height and 9&1/16" in diameter, this unique bowl has been expertly turned and crafted from the reclaimed wood of a Florida Jacaranda tree. Jacaranda trees are especially lovely in Spring when they shower the lawns below in fragrant lavender blossoms.

The contrast between sapwood and heartwood of the tree makes this piece remarkable. It has been painstakingly finished to a mirror-like gloss.. It is work #10 in The Jacaranda Series created by master woodworker JG Lewis, signed and numbered.

The resulting art piece is both collectable and functional. One may use it as an extraordinary dining bowl and/or display it simply for its beauty. It may be gently washed with a mild dish soap, then dried with a soft towel.

Available for sale alone or as part of the entire 11-piece set of this original & one-of-a-kind Jacaranda series of matchless turned wood-art. We welcome your inquiries and invite you to contact us for further information.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 9" width x 3" height x " depth

Weight: 0 lbs

Materials: Wood

Colors: Black, Brown, White, Yellow

$79.95 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 47207

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Heart of the Wood

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I rely on the curves of Nature to design a piece. My art comes from reclaimed wood which is now reborn Trees. My wife claims that I speak "Tree." Free shipping is included, and 10% of the purchase price will be donated to The Nature Conservancy. more

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