Atlantic OceanAtlantic Ocean
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Product description:24"x36" oil canvas, original artwork
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Atlantic Ocean

Paintings by vladimir volosov

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  • Product ID#: 198101
  • Dimensions: 36" width x24" height x" depth
  • Weight: 4
  • Materials: Oil
  • Colors: Blue

Artwork Description: 24"x36" oil canvas, original artwork

Vladimir Volosov is a recent (2011year) immigrant from St.Petersburg, Russia to USA. His road to art was a lengthy one. Famous Scientist, Doctor of Science, Professor, winner of the State Prize, author of more than 100 scientific articles аt the age of 50 he has left scientific career and completely devoted himself to painting. Now he is author of several hundreds paintings. Main direction in painting - lyrical realism and abstract compositions. In the ten months since his arrival to USA, more