Capturing The Moon Bronze SculptureCapturing The Moon Bronze Sculpture
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Product description:This is a fabricated, contemporary bronze sculpture.
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$18000.00 USD

Capturing The Moon Bronze Sculpture

Sculpture by Kevin Robb Studios

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  • Product ID#: 199154
  • Dimensions: 26" width x100" height x40" depth
  • Weight: 300
  • Materials: Bronze

Artwork Description: This is a fabricated, contemporary bronze sculpture.

Over the past three decades, renowned Colorado metal sculptor Kevin Robb has made his mark on the national and international art scene. With a unique style and consummate welding quality that have defined and differentiated his work, Kevin�s sculptures are not created according to a set plan. The placement of each element is an answer to a question of relationships, which he discovers as the work is in progress. He becomes one with the metal and intuitively knows the precise twists and turns that will be required to achieve the desired more