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Fine Art Print - Knowing
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Watercolours and pencil gives the effect of something mysterious, makes you curious, it is poetic, touching deeper than what the eye can see. It can inspire, there is always something to discover every day, when you look at it.

It is great on any wall, whether in a restaurant, at home or business, the colours blend easily, enhancing the room.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 11.7" width x 16.5" height x " depth

Materials: Canvas, Fine Art Print, Giclee, Pencil, Watercolor

Subject: Animal, Cultural, Inspirational, Nature, Places

Style: Contemporary, Expressionism, Other Styles

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Mixed, Yellow

$170.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 211081

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Xenia Orphanides

Old, antique, classical feeling with a mysterious edge, the work is to capture the imagination, to discover more than meets the eye. Wherever it goes, you will see it differently each day. more

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