Handwoven-tapestry - Soul Mates Handwoven-tapestry - Soul Mates
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Handwoven-tapestry - Soul Mates

Fiber Art & Weaving by Contemporary Tapestry Weaving

Ulrika Leander has over 30 years� experience in designing and hand-weaving large-scale tapestries. Leander studied tapestry art and interior design in her native Sweden and the Scandinavian design ethic remains a strong influence to this day. Her tapestries are hand-woven on a vertical loom with the capacity to weave up to 12 ft. in one direction and more than 40 ft. in the other. Leander�s vibrant contemporary approach to this timeless art-form brings a richness, warmth and a powerful artistic impact to all forms of architectural space while fulfilling the client�s more