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Lilies is one in a series of five entitled Family Floral Bouquets. These are bouquets or floral arrangements that have been given to me by my family over the years.Lilies was given to me recently by my son for my birthday. It was a pleasant surprise to come home and find the box from The arrangement took a couple of days to open up but when it did, it was stunning!

Additional Information

Dimensions: 14" width x 11" height x 1" depth

Weight: 1 lb

Subject: Floral, Still Life

Style: Contemporary, Modern

Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, White, Yellow

$155.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 210841

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Nancy Riedell

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As a watercolorist, I experience not only how the paint itself plays on the paper, but also how the water flows and mixes together with the paint. Water is the determining factor whether the paint is bold or muted. It blends the colors together and allows the paint to intermingle in more

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