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Pillow Sleigh Ride
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Red rectangular cushion with an illustration of a sled on snow ready for a ride. The pillow Sleigh Ride is made with a soft and comfortable fabric to which is applied an illustration printed on cotton canvas. The back is made with the same red fabric. A zipper is hidden in the seam at the bottom of pillow cover.

The collection Let's Play Outside brings us back to childhood, to the first snow and the pleasures that we had to play outside during the winter. For this collection, I use fabrics that I import from France. I take care of every detail in the production, especially in the cutting of the pieces, in the assembly and finishing to make it a high quality product.

These are all my original designs and they carry my signature. As I make in small runs, we can talk about unique pieces that you will not find large scale. You are assured to acquire an original professional quality piece.

This article is made ​​to order, allow approximately 3 weeks for making before shipping.

Dimensions: 20" x 14" / 51 x 35,5 cm

Print: 100% cotton
Red: 88% polyester 1% elastane 11% rayon

Pillow cover, insert is not included.
If you prefer to buy pillow with a feather or polyester insert, buy several items together and get new shipping price or any information, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Hand wash in warm or cold water with mild soap
No bleach
Rinse and dry without wringing the item
Pat dry between two towels to remove the water
Hang dry or dry flat

Additional Information

Dimensions: 20" width x 14" height x " depth

Weight: 7 on

Materials: Textile, Textile, Other Materials

Colors: Gray, Red, White

$95.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 207792

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Christine Grenier

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The driving force behind my creations is the perpetual quest to craft new objects and give birth to original material elements. The need to touch and manipulate materials, play with colour, create and superpose textures, draw shapes and decorate through small details is the process that drives me and that more

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