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Pillow Trace of History
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Trace of history is an eclectic cushion blending classical patterns, themes and colors with a whimsical making. I gave free rein to my imagination by breaking the symmetry in playing with the form which follows unexpected curves and with corners showing each one their adornment.

This pillow is a unique piece that fits easily in a contemporary home decor. The merger of fabrics and patterns that emerge have inspired the subject as if it was an artifact leaving its mark in history. We find a jacquard medieval knight patterned fabric, like a messenger, juxtaposed with writings referring to the story, a black fabric on which I embroidered an ivory bird silhouette and velvet on which I placed black beads as if they look like traces of fossilized bird footprint on a rock.

Carefully finished, this cushion hides a zipper in a seam. All internal seams are overlocked to avoid fraying of the cover. The back of the pillow is made of ivory quilted fabric.

Each creation is made carefully by hand by myself in my studio. These are all my original designs and they carry my signature as designer and couturier. Pillow Trace of history is a unique design. You are assured to acquire an original piece of art of professional quality.

Dimensions: 26" x 16" / 66 x 41 cm

Polyester insert is included.

Hand wash in warm or cold water with mild soap
No bleach
Rinse and dry without wringing the item
Wring out between two towels to remove the water
Hang dry or dry flat

Additional Information

Dimensions: 26" width x 16" height x 8" depth

Weight: 1 lb 13 oz

Materials: Textile, Textile, Textile, Textile, Textile, Other Materials

Colors: Black, White

$215.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 207617

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Christine Grenier

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The driving force behind my creations is the perpetual quest to craft new objects and give birth to original material elements. The need to touch and manipulate materials, play with colour, create and superpose textures, draw shapes and decorate through small details is the process that drives me and that more

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