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Worm Hole Wood Art Candle Holder
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A very finely-crafted candle holder, whose carvings throw hypnotic fractiles in the dark. He and I have a long history together - a whole week of him sitting in the corner and me waiting for him to give me tips on what to do. Day by day, step by step, I followed the gentle hints of the wise oak wood and so this two-part ball-shaped candle holder emerged. It has a sort of a lid, thus resembling more of a jewelry box than a candle holder. It can be put to use in either way. The wood has been treated with linen seed oil and natural wax. We are always willing to make and send extra pictures of the item. We use registered mail with a tracking service and delivery upon signature.

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Dimensions: 5" width x 7" height x " depth

Materials: Other Materials

$145.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 205979

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Shipping $30.00

Miro Woody

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Hello, very nice to be able to share our woodworks with you. They are all made by ourselves with a lot of love, attention and care. We would like to say that we are good with Wood, but, in fact, Wood is good with us. It has spirit and it has more

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