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Product description:Abstract 1, oil on canvas, 60x60
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Abstract 1 oil on canvas by Marco Crispano

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  • Product ID#: 214376.
  • Dimensions: 60" width x60" height x1" depth
  • Weight: 2,5
  • Materials: Canvas, Oil
  • Subject: Other Subjects
  • Style: Abstract
  • Colors: Mixed

Artwork Description: Abstract 1, oil on canvas, 60x60

I was born in the '94 in Pescara, a little city on the Adriatic Sea, now I live and work in Rome. I approached to arts spontaneously for satisfy my curiosity and since i started painting i began a trip that changed my way of seeing the world around me. I started painting with oil, but during my trip i approached acrylic painting and installations. Now i'm developing a research about the relation between colors and shapes that will end with my first solo show in Rome in late 2019.