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Product description:abstract Brooklyn...38x28.cm.-acrylic-abstract paintings
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abstract Brooklyn..paintings

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  • Product ID#: 215924.
  • Dimensions: 11" width x15" height x" depth
  • Materials: Acrylic, Fine Art Print, Mixed Media, Paper
  • Subject: Cityscape, Landscape, Nature, Places
  • Style: Abstract, Architectural, Contemporary, Decorative, Illustration, Modern, Other Styles, Surrealism
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Mixed, Orange, White, Yellow

Artwork Description: abstract Brooklyn...38x28.cm.-acrylic-abstract paintings

Welcome to the Showcase. The pages and Artwork images at this site, may Not be duplicated or redistributed in any form Without permission ! All works are available for purchase, for more Information about The artist and his works... Please, feel free to contact me at; jpbiro@live.com https://www.showyourarts.com/Biro http://www.viewbug.com/member/jbiro