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Product description:Reverse painting on back of clear acrylic glass.
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$700.00 USD
  • Product ID#: 217012.
  • Dimensions: 30" width x24" height x1" depth
  • Weight: 8
  • Materials: Acrylic
  • Subject: Nature
  • Style: Abstract, Contemporary, Decorative, Modern
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Purple

Artwork Description: Reverse painting on back of clear acrylic glass.

Daniel Lager was born and still resides in St.Paul, Minnesota. Daniel studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Desingn in the early 1980's and has since been a full time artist displaying his art at galleries and juried art shows. His work has recieved numerouse awards, printed for posters, and purchased by private and corporate collections. You can view more about Daniel Lager and his work on line at