Alfuzosin - New Media by Robert HirstAlfuzosin - New Media by Robert Hirst
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Product description:Happy dots colorful Robert Hirst Style
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$1990.00 USD

Alfuzosin - New Media by Robert Hirst

Paintings by Robert Hirst

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  • Product ID#: 215109
  • Dimensions: 86" width x118" height x0.1" depth
  • Weight: 0.5
  • Materials: Canvas, Digital, Fine Art Print, Paper
  • Subject: Other Subjects
  • Style: Abstract, Contemporary
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Clay, Gray, Green, Mixed, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Artwork Description: Happy dots colorful Robert Hirst Style

Engineer an Artist. My work explores the relationship between chance, randomness, probability and the natural human impulse to seek visual structure. With diverse influences from Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana and Roy Lichenstein of the American Pop Art movement to Contemporary Artists like Thomas Downing, Yayoi Kusama, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst; my goal is to explore these connections through digital art, marrying aesthetic principles with colour theory and data visualizations, generated using my own developed statistical and graphical computing software, and pseudo-random number generation. read more