Amethyst & Gold, size Product
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Product description:Amethyst & Gold, size 6.25
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Amethyst & Gold, size 6.25

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  • Product ID#: 216538.
  • Dimensions: 1" width x1" height x.5" depth
  • Weight: 0.25
  • Materials: Precious Metal
  • Style: Contemporary

Artwork Description: Amethyst & Gold, size 6.25

I was born in Portland, OR on June 10, 1944. I am the great grandnephew of Jack Wilkinson Smith, arguably the father of Southern California plein air landscapes. I was raised in the state of Jefferson (northern California). I have a master’s degree in geology with a thesis on some uses of native materials for art ceramics. I have lived in six states and Saudi Arabia and traveled extensively in The United States as well as in Western Europe. My paintings include landscapes, cityscapes, and figurative works. I am mostly self-taught and influenced...