Antigua, GuatemalaAntigua, Guatemala
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Product description:Bus station Antigua, Guatemala
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Antigua, Guatemala

Fine Art Prints by Bob Karhof

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  • Dimensions: 86.6" width x23.6" height x" depth
  • Materials: Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Canvas

Artwork Description: Bus station Antigua, Guatemala

Assignments (i.a.): - City of Rotterdam, creation of large scale panorama’s for new building - NUON creation of 9 panorama’s for Nuon College - TU Delft, 2 multiple panorama’s for new building - KONE BV, multiple panorama as business gift - KLM / EPCOR BV, multiple panorama for art acquisition - ING Real Estate, multiple panorama for annual report - Several assignments for Dutch Railway (NS Reizigers / Railinfra-beheer) Agents Works sold to i.a. to IBM, Fortis, McKinsey, etc. - Gallerie Ecce, Rotterdam - Business Art Services ( Expositions and publications (i.a.) - Galerie Ecce, Rotterdam- Diafragma 180, P/ more