Ater the Product
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Product description:Gum tree struck by lightning in Australia
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Ater the Storm

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  • Dimensions: 60" width x44" height x" depth
  • Materials: Oil, Other Materials, Mixed Media, Mixed Media, Mixed Media, Canvas
  • Colors: Brown, Green, White

Artwork Description: Gum tree struck by lightning in Australia

Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art, my work has developed a unique character, bringing a fresh outlook to the concept of landscape painting. My abstracted images of organic forms found within coastal, desert and volcanic environments offer a deeply personal and intuitive interpretation of the natural world. A different viewpoint is provided by my aerial paintings, which focus on shapes, patterns and textures from a rarely seen perspective. Winning several major awards has enabled me to travel to places as far afield as New Zealand, Shetland and the USA. From the...