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Product description:black and white pencil rendering of Charlie Chaplin.
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  • Dimensions: 17" width x23" height x1/32" depth
  • Materials: Stone
  • Colors: Black, White

Artwork Description: black and white pencil rendering of Charlie Chaplin.

Born 1950, Bronx, NY. Always "obsessed" with drawing, coloring, playing the piano. First generation American. Lived teen life on Long Island. Hicksville, Huntington. Studied art at School of Visual Arts. Massachusettes College of Art and Pratt. Studied with Robert Mangold, Mel Bochner, Brice Marden. This path took me on quite a bumpy road. Have exhibited in NYC, Boston, and NJ. See website for more details. Dropped out of art world in early 80s. Married, became spiritual and a mother. Raised a family. Three kids, four grandchildren. Thought I was over...