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Product description:Original Fne Art (Encaustic mixed media collage)
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  • Dimensions: 40" width x30" height x1.5" depth
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Materials: Other Materials, Mixed Media, Mixed Media, Mixed Media
  • Colors: Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow

Artwork Description: Original Fne Art (Encaustic mixed media collage)

About My Encaustic Painting! Most of my work is abstract; yet, in a sense, my work usually hints of something; a landscape, a group of buildings, an idea. If i do a figurative painting (a painting that looks like something), it is stylized and simplified. I take a lot of liberties with what actually is and create my own reality to form my own vision. I enjoy the process of making art as much as the finished works. Essentially, I am not making pictures of things. I create a work of art, which...