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Product description:Clouds rise over Windy Hill, high above Palo Alto, CA.
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  • Dimensions: 36" width x36" height x1.5" depth
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Materials: Oil
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, White

Artwork Description: Clouds rise over Windy Hill, high above Palo Alto, CA.

Gary minored in art but majored in English at San Jose State University, entering teaching upon graduation. In 1964, he got a position with the Department of State Diplomatic Courier Service to be stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. He accompanied top secret materials to virtually every capital city in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. After 2 ˝ years of living the Cold War and witnessing Africa’s bloody emergence from colonialism, Mr. Coleman headed off to Paris where he was accepted into the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts to study drawing and...