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Product description:original painting,fantasy painting,oil on canvas,painting
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Artwork Description: original painting,fantasy painting,oil on canvas,painting

Personal exhibitions: 2011-2012 - Exhibition of objects "box for everything and for nothing" from ArtZept 2011 Zepter International Design Contest, Italy, exhibited in a traveling exhibition organized by Zepter International; Link: http://www.artzept.com/page/gallery/list-of-artists-2011/diana-loredana-pantea.aspx 2011-Personal exhibition "Entropic Field" 2011 in Colorida Art Gallery, Portugal; 2011-Personal exhibition "Memorandum Rock 2" Habitus Cultural Center, ArtMania International Festival,Sibiu; 2007 - Personal exhibition entitled "Morbid",at Art Theatre, Deva; 2006 Personal exhibition of computer graphics, "2D Experiment", at the Cultural Center of the Library of Octavian Goga, Cluj-Napoca. 2006 - Personal exhibition of paintings and drawings of portraits entitled "Rock stars III",at the local "Seven", Cluj-Napoca; 2006...