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Product description:one of Us
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Face #151

$1250.00 USD
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  • Product ID#: 5515.
  • Dimensions: 17" width x22" height x" depth
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Materials: Oil, Canvas
  • Colors: Green, Pink, Purple

Artwork Description: one of Us

Born in 1962 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Upon completing Art State Academy named after T. Zhurgenov in 1988, he moved to Karaganda, where he lead an exciting and happy life for ten years. During this time, he took part in international, foreign, all-Soviet Union, and national expositions; he also conducted twenty-three personal exhibitions. During the twenty-five years of active creative life, he created thousands of works in oil painting, graphic design, photography, ceramic sculpture and contemporary art. He published poetry in literary periodical magazines. In 1998-1999 he worked in the USA on a...