Fog, Teton National Product
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Product description:Foggy Morning at the base of the Grand Tetons
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Fog, Teton National Park

$194.99 USD
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  • Dimensions: 30" width x12" height x0" depth
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Materials: Photography, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Canvas
  • Colors: Gray

Artwork Description: Foggy Morning at the base of the Grand Tetons Since I was a boy, I was fascinated by nature, especially birds. I studied zoology and ornithology through college, but developed a true love affair with nature through the lens of a camera. As I developed my artistic vision as a young photographer, I had the great fortune to study with some of photography’s true masters, including Ansel Adams, Philip Hyde, Richard Miserach, Jay Dusard, Christopher Burkett, William Neill in Carmel, with Clinton Smith at the Death Valley Workshop and then later with Craig Fucile, Jan Peterzak and Sam Hay in central California. These visionaries gave me...