Greene and Greene Bed Product
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Product description:Cherry and Ebony Inlay Greene and Greene Style King Bed
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Greene and Greene Bed

$9500.00 USD
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  • Product ID#: 214922.
  • Dimensions: 83" width x55" height x85.5" depth
  • Weight: 150
  • Materials: Wood
  • Subject: Inspirational, Landscape
  • Style: Abstract, Architectural, Contemporary, Decorative, Modern, Other Styles, Vintage
  • Colors: Black, Brown, Orange, Pink, Yellow

Artwork Description: Cherry and Ebony Inlay Greene and Greene Style King Bed

I began my furniture maker apprenticeship under a local master furniture maker in Vermont while still in high school. Upon completing the required 8000 hour furnituremaker apprenticeship program, I became the first to achieve Vermont State certification. My 5 year journeymanship followed, beginning in Vermont and extending to Naples, FL. Finally, in 2004, my dream of being a Master furnituremaker came true when I opened my first shop in Naples, FL. In 2010, I expanded that dream by relocating back to the forests, this time, in the Western North Carolina town of...