"Icicles 1", 22"x30" gallery wrap canvasartsyhome.com: Product
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Product description:Photograph of icicles in mid-winter in south-central Indiana.
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"Icicles 1", 22"x30" gallery wrap canvas

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  • Dimensions: 30.00" width x22.00" height x1.00" depth
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Materials: Photography, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Canvas, Other Materials, Other Materials, Stone, Beads, Other Materials, Acrylic, Other Materials
  • Colors: Blue, White

Artwork Description: Photograph of icicles in mid-winter in south-central Indiana.

Born in Indiana, I have lived many places throughout the United States. Formally trained as a wildlife ecologist, I am self-taught as a photographer. I began with my first camera in the fourth grade (because my brother got one!) though never gave it up. My brother went into theater, acting, speech, debate, and eventually film. My sister is a self-taught landscape designer. Seems we all inherited an artistic gene from someone in our lineage! I first began self-promotion of my work through calendars and books in the early...