Instant Kodak by Augusto De Luca Product
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Product description:Instant Kodak by Augusto De Luca
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Instant Kodak by Augusto De Luca

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Artwork Description: Instant Kodak by Augusto De Luca

Self-developing films called Kodak Instant, unlike Polaroids, are rectangular and the image on the surface measures 9 x 6.8 cm. Kodak introduced its own instant film products in 1976, which was different from Polaroid's in several ways. Upon introduction of Kodak instant products, Polaroid filed suit against Kodak in 1976 for patent infringement. The case dragged on for years. Kodak lost the dispute, after the ruling in 1985, Kodak announced the discontinuation of their instant photo.Some of these photos have been manipulated with multiple exposures.