Jewerly BoxJewerly Box
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Product description:Jewerly Box with inlaid customer's initials.
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Jewerly Box

by LoskWood

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  • Dimensions: 6" width x3" height x3" depth
  • Materials: Other Materials, Other Materials, Precious Metal, Metal, Metal, Other Materials

Artwork Description: Jewerly Box with inlaid customer's initials.

My name is Stan Loskot. I am a furniture-cabinet maker who reside and work in New York City. I design and build custom contemporary furniture using a wide variety of domestic and imported hardwoods and veneers as well as some exotic materials such as parchment and shagreen. My specialty is Marquetry which I widely used in my projects in Europe. Most of the furniture that I have made in the last 20 years has been on commission bases but many pieces have been designed for myself. As a custom builder, I have complete control more