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Product description:The iconic Lone Cypress tree in Big Sur, CA.
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Lone Cypress - Big Sur

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  • Product ID#: 203289.
  • Dimensions: 14" width x9.6" height x" depth
  • Weight: 15 oz
  • Materials: Ink, Wax, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials
  • Colors: Blue, Gray, Green

Artwork Description: The iconic Lone Cypress tree in Big Sur, CA.

Growing up in rolling hills of Maryland, Suzanne was always happiest when creating something artistic out of something ordinary. As marriage and children took precedence, this spirit was relegated to the back burner and incorporated in making children\\\'s clothing and decorating our home. After earning a Commercial Art degree and relocating to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the artistic urge, once again, took center stage. Suzanne\\\'s life has been a journey of creative discovery and photography has become the medium of choice for the last twenty years. Through the years, black...