Magic phallus Product
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Product description:very effective in interior
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Magic phallus

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  • Dimensions: 70 cm" width x100 cm" height x0.5 cm" depth
  • Materials: Mixed Media, Mixed Media, Mixed Media

Artwork Description: very effective in interior

George Areshidze (Gogareshka) was born in 1977 in Tbilisi, Georgia. After the completion of secondary education he left for Moscow where he made his first steps in fine arts. After his return from Russia in 1996 he entered Tbilisi State Pedagogical University, faculty of Scenic art. His first personal exhibition "Iron Hatchet" took place in 1998 (Tbilisi Historical Museum). More then 40 works were presented at the exhibition. These works were different in style and quite ambitious for his age. 1998-2000 Areshidze participated in various mixed exhibitions and at the same time worked on...