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Product description:Stone, Steel, Copper, signed in bronze.......2011
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  • Product ID#: 25178.
  • Dimensions: 20" width x16" height x8" depth
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Materials: Stone
  • Colors: Black, Brown, Gray, Orange

Artwork Description: Stone, Steel, Copper, signed in bronze.......2011

December 1, 2011 Bio for Tom Holmes - Travels with the Long Island Youth Orchestra as a percussionist to China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Samoa, Tahiti, Hawaii, and Hong Kong. 1982-1983 - BA in music theory and composition from the Crane School of Music, New York. 1987 - Custom fine art crate creator for Marshall Fine Arts, 1988-1989 Moves art work though out New York for major Museums. - Creates Holmes Birdhouse Company. 1989-1993 Wins best in wood NYC gift Fair 1992. - Works as environmental educator on sloop Clearwater summer of 1989. more