"Old Jake""Old Jake"
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Product description:Old man leading a draft horse in the snow.
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"Old Jake"

Paintings by Carol Jo Smidt

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  • Dimensions: 8" width x10" height x2" depth
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Materials: Oil

Artwork Description: Old man leading a draft horse in the snow.

I was an artist from the age of 4, drawing horses and other animals. My formal art education started at the St. Paul School of Art in St. Paul, Minnesota. While the Navy moved me around with my husband Jack, I studied art and painting from several colleges and universities. I completed my art degree from Iowa State University. I was ultimately replanted in Southeast Georgia and continued working in the art and graphic design fields, completing a Webmaster Certification from Florida State University and attending graduate school at the Savannah College of...read more