Pearl Suspension Product
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Product description:One lovely pearl suspended from a sterling silver pendulum.
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Pearl Suspension Earrings

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  • Product ID#: 9244.
  • Dimensions: 1" width x1.75" height x.25" depth
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Materials: Precious Metal, Metal, Precious Metal, Metal, Gemstone, Other Materials, Other Materials
  • Colors: White

Artwork Description: One lovely pearl suspended from a sterling silver pendulum.

Originally from Monroeville, Pennsylvania, Kim Evans lived in Maryland, Massachusetts and Vermont. With a BFA in theater from Point Park University, Ms. Evans gained experience in many design disciplines including scene, lighting, costume and makeup. She also worked briefly for a master goldsmith in Frederick, Maryland where she was introduced to art jewelry. Graduate studies in Art Direction at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco provided additional experience in design. Ms. Evansí jewelry is influenced by ancient art, decorating and period fashion. Her work reflects her interest combining pearls, gems...