Persimmons - watercolor - by Zolita Product
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Product description:still life of persimmons
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Persimmons - watercolor - by Zolita Sverdlove

$800.00 USD
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  • Dimensions: 19" width x13" height x0.1" depth
  • Weight: 1
  • Materials: Watercolor
  • Subject: Still Life
  • Style: Impressionism
  • Colors: Blue, Orange

Artwork Description: still life of persimmons

Zolita Sverdlove was a notable 20th century impressionist. Her work utilizes rich color and she captures the majesty of her surroundings. Zolita Sverdlove received her B.F.A. from the Cooper Union Art School. She also studied with Richard Diebenkorn at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her paintings are in numerous collections, including the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, and the Owens-Corning Collection of the Toledo, Ohio Museum. Her paintings have been shown in numerous venues, including the Allan Stone Gallery, and the Cooper Union. Many of her art works over the past decade...